lunedì 14 marzo 2016


Ecco un nuovo Snead Peek Monday un po' speciale di #ilmiolietofine, perché oltre al solito pezzettino nuovo (e non editato ancora), ho aggiunto un breve video teaser.

sabato 5 marzo 2016


Can Gioia trust her heart to make the right choice?
Gioia thought she had found the love of her life. But when her punk-rocker boyfriend suddenly dumps her, she’s left glued to social media for clues about what he’s up to. Devastated by what she finds, she takes solace in her ad agency job and throws herself into a project for an international record company. She struggles to make deadlines and finds herself once again at the mercy of the Internet. That’s when sexy businessman Christian comes to her rescue.
Christian is everything a girl could want—clever, charming, and handsome enough to appear in Vogue. But Gioia can’t help wondering if he has an ulterior motive. And when her ex-boyfriend reappears in her life, she begins to doubt everything. Will her heart lead her to the right decision? Or will she get caught in the hooks of these two charismatic men?
The Hook is coming April 26!
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